Professional Coaching for Educators

Are you ready for a career move?  Have you been teaching 5th grade for several years and all of a sudden you have been asked to teach Kindergarten?  Have you been experiencing challenges with your colleagues or a supervisor?  Whether you are a first-year teacher or a seasoned school district administrator, Dr. Ro provides customized planning to suit your professional needs with confidentiality.  

Pediatric Framework

Our Ensync® Pediatric Framework (EPF) is a collaborative-based approach to support families of children and adolescent patients with developmental delays and new/pre-existing diagnosis. EPF addresses the interrelated medical, educational and social aspects of youth with special needs and developmental disabilities. 

School Development 

Customized programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of all clients. One-day workshops and multi-day institutes are available for individuals, small teams and full staff, including school development.   These services are tailored to meet your specific goals.

Customized Curriculum Development
Meaningful, real-life learning experiences:  Museums, art galleries, parks, etc. Comprehensive and a la carte style curriculum development designed for K-12, public/private schools, including homeschooling, after-school programs and educational organizations for youth development.
Full Individual Evaluations

Assessments are administered to children and teens to determine the need for interventions, special education placement or other specialized services. Our licensed diagnostician will assess your child in multiple settings for accurate results.


It is always a joy for Dr. Ro to share her experiences.  After 20 years of working in public education, she has many stories as a teacher, administrator and parent.  She speaks to youth and teenagers as well. You will walk away inspired, recharged and empowered to continue your own purposeful journey.  

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