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Education Services

Professional Development and Coaching

Customized programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of all clients. One-day workshops and multi-day institutes and conferences are available for individuals, small teams and full staff, including school development.  These services are tailored to meet your specific goals.

Special Education Coordinator

DREAM provides special education leadership that develops and maintains educational programs for students with disabilities for public, charter and private schools.


DREAM ensures that your special education program is compliant with federal and state laws. We will:

  • Develop and facilitate tiered, engaging professional development based on need.

  • Monitor and support teacher effectiveness. 

  • Formulate policies and procedures based on state mandates and implement procedural safeguards.

  • Evaluate special education programs to ensure student educational objectives are achieved.

  • Provide coaching to school leadership and teachers.

Customized Curriculum Development

Meaningful, real-life learning experiences:  Museums, art galleries, parks, etc. Comprehensive and a la carte style curriculum development designed for K-12, public/private schools, including homeschooling, after-school programs and educational organizations for youth development.

Ensync Pediatric Program
The Ensync Pediatric Framework (EPP) is a collaborative-based approach to support families of children and adolescent patients with developmental delays and new/pre-existing diagnosis.  The EPP addresses the interrelated medication, education and social aspects of youth with special needs, development disabilities and delays due to external factors.
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