Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program

Are you looking to build equity, diversity and inclusion

practices within your organization? 

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DREAM will:

  • Develop, execute, and perform a comprehensive equity, diversity and inclusion analysis of your organization. 

  • Support the development and facilitation of dialogues that will engage the staff in this effort. 

  • Undertake an analysis of existing organizational strengths and gaps with clear recommendations on how best to build strengths that will support greater equity, diversity and inclusion in all areas of our organization. Explore opportunities for improvement with suggestions regarding  how to operationalize. 

  • Develop and activate an engaged diversity, equity and inclusion work group comprised of cross‐ divisional organizational staff. 

  • Establish a clear roadmap in conjunction with the work group for a diversity program that receives broad    organizational support, based upon evaluation of the organization and stakeholders. 

  • Create measurable diversity and inclusion scorecard tied to recruiting, retention, staff satisfaction,  evaluation, professional development, etc. 

  • Establish roadmap, tied to scorecard, with short‐ and long‐term actions to enhance your organization's diversity and inclusion performance. 

  • Develop and execute a training and education strategy that will increase awareness, knowledge  and skills of staff as it pertains to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

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