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Learning and Development

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Offers a customized training and education strategy that takes a deep dive into the awareness and principles of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB).  


Business Consultant

Facilitates one-on-one and small group coaching to board members, executive leaders and school leaders to increase academic student achievement.


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Develops curricula for schools, teachers and organizations to support its mission.

Youth Development

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Offers programs and services to support youth development and school culture.

Program and Organizational

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Guides to the development of a comprehensive, clear roadmap that leverages diversity to enhance organizational culture and strategic goals.

Inclusive Organizational Development

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Empowers school leaders to  develop and execute culturally responsive strategies to establish and maintain an inclusive learning and work environment. 

Workshops and

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Plans and organizes interactive and powerful workshop sessions, conferences and summits that are customized and aligned to your goals.

Special Education Coordination and Advocacy

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Provides Special Education Leadership and Coordination to schools/organizations and advocacy to parents and families.

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